Devolution #4: SUPERHOT exhibited the innovative take on first person shooter games. People had the opportunity to test earlier prototypes of the game and feel how the game evolved over time. Not only that, they got to meet the developers and listen to an insightful talk between Sos Sosowski and Piotr Iwanicki, the Creative Director of SUPERHOT, on the A MAZE. stage. The exhibition also featured tours held by Piotr Iwanicki, in which he shared the unique story behind the game.

The Exhibition

Piotr Iwanicki in conversation with Sos Sosowski

An in-depth interview with Piotr Iwanicki about the development of SUPERHOT, conducted by Sos Sosowski. How to break out of the FPS genre and evolve a game into success?

Exhibition Tours

For the ultimate insight into the development of SUPERHOT and its design decisions. Guided tours through the exhibition by the game director Piotr Iwanicki himself. Complementing the exhibited versions by background information, secrets and anecdotes.

Thank you for being with us on the journey of Devolution #4 and join us in our next adventures!