Devolution is a game design focused project exploring the creative process and challenges of game development, consisting of exhibitions, interviews, lectures, an archive and so on.

Each Devolution event / exhibition focalises on the evolution of a game through the exhibition of prototypes and interim versions and an in-depth conversation with the developers. During the last years Devolution dismantled the games and worked with the developers of The Curious Expedition, Shift Happens and Thumper.

How did the game change during its development? Why? Which features were added? Which were taken away? When? What were the interesting design challenges? What was the original vision of the game? How did the idea emerge? How did certain features evolved into their final version? How did testing and feedback affect the game? What the hell is creativity? What is the connection of all this to business and technology? What might the future hold?

Games as interactive digital media artefacts are on the forefront of the still ongoing (?) digital revolution. They not only excel in representing and preparing us for a globalised, interconnected and emergent present and future, but also in showing the direction on where digital media is heading. Dissecting and examining the development process of games is key for understanding and mastering the increasingly digital world we are in.

How liquid is our culture? Why? How can this be matched with business? How is media shaped by its digital nature? How are emergent patterns shaping our lives? How can one express oneself with games? Why do we have to talk about digital literacy?


Devolution is a project by Csongor Baranyai. But it would be just nothing without all the amazing contributions of:

Core team / regular:

Regular / again and again:

  • Manuel Arabadzic (Design, Timeline)
  • Carola Brozio (Event Coordination)
  • Christopher Etmer (Technical Support)
  • Katarzyna Kamieniew (Event Coordination)
  • Zoe Koc (Exhibition Design)
  • Kleo Kreitz (Exhibition Design, Moderation)
  • Martina Marchio (Coordination, Moderation)
  • Carla Rother (Streaming Coordination)
  • Timo Ruberg (Design, Everything)
  • Benjamin Rose (Exhibition Design, Technical Support)
  • Myriel Schigiol (Exhibition Design)

One time:

  • Suzanne Bogaard (Exhibition Design, Summit Coordination)
  • Carlo di Paolo (Exhibition Design)
  • Erik Mario Lopez Gerner (Dev Analysis, Technical Support)
  • Niklas Haßmann (Exhibition Design)
  • Jean Isserstedt (PR)
  • Adrian Köhlmoos (Development Analysis)
  • Mehtap Kurucay (Exhibition Design)
  • Gereon Plättner (Moderation)
  • Nicolas Vogelbusch (Exhibition Design)
  • Matthias Voigt (Exhibition Design)

Special thanks to:

  • Lorenzo Pilia
  • Sebastian Stamm
  • Thorsten Storno Wiedemann
  • and all the developers contributing their most intimate struggles

The Devolution exhibitions are a shameless copy of an idea by Richard Boeser. Thanks for the permission. Hope to see you and ibb & obb or Chalo Chalo on one of our next exhibitions.