11. – 13.04.2019 @ A MAZE. / Berlin

Devolution is exploring/ dissecting the creative process of game development, encountering new characteristics with every new edition.

Historically the exhibition of several in-between versions of a game (The Curious Expedition, Shift Happens, Thumper, SUPERHOT), we are hyped to extend Devolution in its fifth edition with some amazing new elements, raising it into new dimensions.

Devolution #5: Exhibition will examine the inspiring development process of 3 amazing games (Ape Out, Hidden Folks, Kingdom) through exhibiting prototypes and in-between versions. Game Design as Gardening Summit aims to explore the growing process of digital games from the academic point of view.

You can find additional information about Devolution #5:

Devolution #5 is a cooperation between Noio, Gabe Cuzzillo, Adriaan de Jongh, Devolution, A MAZE. / Berlin 2019, Game Design // UE and Clash of Realities.